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Are you in search of a Stand up or lie down sunbed in Sligo’s City Centre? Contact us today at Hawaii Tanning Salon!


For 15 years, Hawaii Tanning Salon has provided clients with professional sunbeds in Sligo. Our team is here to advise you on which Sunbeds and tanning products to use to achieve your tanning goals. We now have a selection of high-quality Ergoline Sunbeds and Megasun Sunbeds.

We recommend doing 3-5 minutes for your first trip with us to ensure no harm is done to your skin. We recommend that you add an extra minute to your session each time after your first visit. This will allow you to build up your tan and achieve your tanning goals!

For more information on our “Stand up” or “Lie down” sunbed services, Contact Hawaii Tanning Salon today!

Sunbeds Sligo

Sunbeds Sligo

Our tanning salon is based right in the heart of Sligo town.

We are situated in Quayside shopping centre making it quick and easy for our customers to visit us.

We provide our clients with three different types of sunbeds in Sligo. All our clients must be 18 years old or over to use our tanning beds.

Tanning Beds

Sunbeds Sligo

For 15 years, our team at Hawaii Tanning Salon have provided clients with tanning bed solutions. We have two different tanning beds that can be used in the store. We have a selection of four “Lie-down” sunbeds and three sun showers available to use.

Each of our tanning beds is cleaned and wiped with a single-use towel after every use. This will ensure that we maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for our customers and staff.

“Stand up” Sunbeds

Sunbeds Sligo

At Hawaii Tanning Salon, we provide clients with a high-end “Stand-up” Sunbed service in Sligo. We have a selection of 3 Megasun Sun showers available to use on a minute-by-minute rental.

Our “stand-up” sunbeds go to higher heats than our “Lie Down” Sunbeds that we have in store. If you are a first-time user of our “Stand Up” Tanning beds, we recommend doing 3 minutes on the bed. This is to prevent any damage from being done to your skin.

“Lie Down” Sunbeds

Sunbeds Sligo

At Hawaii Tanning Salon, we provide our clients in Sligo with professional “Lie Down” Sunbeds from the leading brand's Ergoline and Megasun. Our “Lie Down” Sunbeds come with settings included, such as Fans and Music, to improve your experience.

If it is your first time using our “Lie Down” Sunbeds, we recommend starting with a 5 minute tanning session. This will prevent any skin damage from occurring.


Ergoline and Megasun tanning beds

At Hawaii Tanning Salon, we provide clients with high-quality Ergoline Sunbeds and Megasun Sunbeds. These high-quality products allow you to receive the best results for your money!

One of our Megasun sunbeds are made with special p2 bulbs installed inside.


Tanning Products

Tanning Products

At Hawaii Tanning Salon, we don’t only provide you with tanning solutions, we also provide you with the products to make them solutions even more impressive.

We offer Tanning Products such as:

  • Tanning Creams

  • Tanning Oils

  • Tanning Gels

  • Tanning accelerators

  • Spf’s

V-Line vacuum machine

V-Line vacuum machine

At Hawaii Tanning Salon, we offer a slimming booth service called the V-line vacuum machine. This V-Line vacuum machine provides you with active slimming as you run on the treadmill found inside the vacuum.

A full session on the V-Line vacuum machine is 30 minutes long. This session allows you to burn 3500 calories after just 30 minutes.

We recommend that you do a minimum of 3 sessions per week on the V-Line vacuum machine to see the results.



Hawaii Tanning Salon
Unit 11, Quayside Shopping Centre, Wine St, Abbeyquarter North
F91 CV99,



 Opening Hours


14:00 - 17:00

Monday - Friday

11:00 - 20:00


11:00 - 19:00

Hawaii Tanning Salon

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  • How are your Tanning bed services priced at Hawaii Tanning Salon?
    Our Tanning bed services at Hawaii Tanning Salon are priced by the minute.Answer 1
  • Where is Hawaii Tanning Salon located in Sligo?
    Hawaii Tanning Salon is located in Quayside shopping centre, right in the heart of Sligo’s city centre.
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